Affordable Wool Cycling Jerseys

I mixed up my search tonight to focus on “Affordable” wool cycling jerseys, not yeilding too very much different than we’ve all seen before. But – I did come across where they have some pretty solid deals on base layers from Icebreaker. It looks like they’re limited time only so check back often and see what deals they’ll post next. Good Luck!

Top Three Cycling Gifts

If you hit my blog you’re looking for wool cycling jerseys and you’re in luck because my site is dedicated to pointing you in the right direction!

Here are the top three wool cycling gifts that will warm up your favorite cyclist.

Eleven Velo can custom sew a merino jersey in a huge variety of colors for a very reasonable price. I’d recommend a gift certificate to let your lucky recipient design their own look on the web site – very cool! They also have some cycling art prints including this Velo Alphabet that I absolutely love.

velo alphabet

Vintage Velos is one of my favorite sites and I’m always excited to see what they’ll offer next. If you haven’t seen their Vivi Kola jerseyvivi-kola-wool-cycling-jersey definitely check those out. If they don’t havemolteni your size it’s hard to go wrong with the classic Eddy Merckx Molteni jersey.



Ibex makes some terrific product and their catalog goes well beyond cycling jerseys, this is a great place for socks, hats, warmers, jerseys. Tons of wool anywhere from $20 to $200.

glovesibex jerseysocks


Ibex outlet sale!

I just ran across an awesome deal on the Ibex Men’s Indie Short Sleeve Wool Jersey for $72!

Let me tell you why you should grab your credit card right now…

  1. This jersey is super-soft light weight merino, perfect for all-season comfort.
  2. The cut is comfortable without being too loose and floppy + the pockets hold up with a phone, mini pump, credit card & license, Clif Shot gel, patch kit, and banana in them.
  3. It’s made in America.

Check out the sale before all the sizes and colors are gone.

Eleven Velo custom wool jerseys

I just spent the last hour messing around with different color combinations at Eleven Velo. This is a site from Australia and it’s really entertaining. They have three different jersey styles plus a t shirt and hoodie with an online utility that allows you to change the colors in a million different ways. At $92 for the “Club” jersey it sounds like an incredible value… if I could ever settle on one combination. Go over and try it out, you’ll love it.

Widmer Bros. Wool Bike Jersey

Cruising around the web today and I found a very nice black and red Widmer Brothers 100% merino jersey. Beer branded jerseys are pretty common but combine a craft brewer with a wool jersey and you’ve got a piece that you’re not likely to see on your next group ride (unless your group ride is in Portland, OR) Let me know what you think of it.

Wool in Florida

Last Sunday I went on a 75 mile group ride. This is Florida and this day’s group consisted of fifty riders of various ages and abilities. One thing it didn’t include was anyone wearing wool besides myself. During a stop one of my friends challenged my natural fiber decision. I told him that the jersey was significantly cooler than my Lycra bibs, I was in pure comfort. After the break (for a ferry ride) and back on the pace line, I noticed that I had cooled down enough for my jersey to dry out, it felt like I put a fresh one on. Field tested evidence of the all day comfort in hot conditions of wool.

$75 T Shirt

At first it doesn’t seem to make any sense. Why would I pay $75 for a t shirt, I can get any t shirt I want for about $20. But, if you plunk down the extra $55 for a merino wool t shirt you may not buy another one for ten years. Given that those cotton t’s loose their color just before they start to fall apart, the investment in long lasting wool seems like a sound one. I don’t recall any of my wool gear losing it’s color, and the fabric doesn’t wear out. I’ve sewn up a few snags here and there but it gives my jersey’s character.

Check out the huge variety of t shirts and cycling jerseys on Icebreaker, the designs are pretty cool. Let me know what you think.

Road Holland

I haven’t been on the Road Holland website in a while and I was really excited to see some great product available from these guys. I love the simple look with the stripes. I wouldn’t feel odd walking into a public place with one of these on. Check out this one currently on sale!